Little Musician Gave My Daughter Perfect Pitch

by Tonya, mother of Owen and Lily

Discovering BrillKids

As a dedicated mother of two, Lily and Owen are my first priority and I have always strived to give them the best start in life that I can. Approximately two and a half years ago, I first heard about infant literacy. I stumbled on the BrillKids website and with the help of Little Reader, both of my children began reading independently by 19 months old. Through the use of Little Math, they developed an overall sense of quantity and a basic understanding of equations. Over time, we used Little Reader to introduce vocabulary in second and third languages as well, which they picked up with ease.

Attempting Music Education

After teaching my children the basics of literacy, math, and foreign language, I realized that music was the next logical step on their early learning journey. All of the studies I read highlighted the significant cognitive benefits of music education; music simply provides specific brain stimulation that cannot be achieved through any other medium. I wanted to give my children the opportunity to learn music...

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  • Kimberley
    Mom of Sophia and Anneliese, Australia

  • Little Musician is a complete program that teaches Music theory in a fun way to little children and their young at heart parents.

    I love Little Musician - I love the fact it's so easy to use (press and play) for a non-musical parent!

    And the kids just love it. My children - after 17 days of using the product - can both recognize the note Do when played. Both my children are glued to the screen and both dance when the music comes on. My littlest Anneliese even likes to 'conduct' to the popular classics!

    I often hear my 17 month old singing Do-Mi-So to her teddies. It is just an all-in-one great product for parents who have no musical background to introduce their children to the wonderful world of music and the great brain benefits that go along with learning music as a subject.


  • Cate
    Mom of Jessica and Samantha, Canada

  • I think it's a great tool. I have no idea where to start teaching them music, so I loved that it was all together.

    I love that when I open the software there is a musical interlude which almost calls the kids. The kids hear the opening song, and run to the computer to start a lesson."

    Little Musician is fantasic. My 2 yr old daughter proved to me tonight that she has learnt a lot from the program in only 2 short weeks. We were at a park, and Sam noticed a wooden bench with slates across it. She took 6 rocks and placed them on slates of wood and said Do, Mi, So and Fa, La, So. I realized Samantha noticed the bench looked like a staff, and she was trying to put notes on the lines and spaces (except the rocks kept falling throught the cracks for the lines)! It was so nice to see.

    My kids liked the clapping the best, as well as Chord recognition. The also liked instrument recognition too.

    Little Musician gives me a complete solution to introduce music to my kids. It gives them a great base for any other music program they might take such as piano or vocal lessons etc.


  • Elle
    (Mae Jacob Ka)
    Mom of Jakob from Canada

  • I am hopeless when it comes to music. I am looking for something that's easy to use and engaging. Little Musician fulfills my need!!

    I own another product which teaches children music but we haven't used it just yet - we don't know where to begin because when I look at the lesson plans, I feel like I'm reading a rocket science project.

    With Little Musician, it's just so easy. The program saves me a lot time and energy, and I like the ready-made curriculum and the "click PLAY and teach" feature is just wonderful!

    My son loves learning about string instruments and he also seems to recognize a few chords! He even dances and moves his hands like a conductor during the music appreciation lessons!

    I would say Little Musician is a lifesaver for moms who have no musical background but really want to teach their children music. I think I love Little Musician as much as (or even more than) my son does!


  • Aleksandra
    Mom of Franek &

  • I am a Suzuki parent, learning violin along with my child. I also played keyboard for a couple of years when I was young.

    With Little Musician, both my children love all the little jokes - the smilies or pictures that appear instead of notes – and they love clapping along to the rhythm lessons. They also try to sing and they're very interested in learning about composers and their music.

    Both my kids now recognize the sound which plays when the program starts up - what a great start to the lesson! They get really excited and come rushing to me to start learning! The ready-to-play solfège lessons are also great - I don't know much about singing and it's a great introduction for the kids that I could not provide.

    I am so happy that Little Musician introduces solfège! I have been trying to find a program that introduces solfège to little kids and I am so happy that I have found it! We love learning using Little Musician. We have been looking for a program like this for a very long time. It works great as a part of our daily flashcard lesson routine and is a great addition to our Suzuki violin classes. The program is very simple to use and both my children are very keen to watch their lessons and try to participate.

    Thank you for this wonderful product!!!


  • Keeli
    Mom of Merrilise, Samuel and Eva from West Sussex, England

  • I was so excited because I have been waiting all year for this! And now that we have it, we've found that it's so easy to use. I like the usage of colors to represent the notes. I like that I can right-click to go back over notes if we want to. It is clear, fun and covers a wide range of lessons.

    I love how Little Musician teaches kids about different instruments and that we can playback both simple and complicated pieces so our kids learn to recognize the instrument playing.

    Hopefully this will be our easy and fun way to train our children to have perfect pitch. My eldest is already starting to sing the notes in tune (she always sang very out of tune).

    After only a couple of weeks using Little Musician my 19-month old has started to sing some of the notes in tune when she sees them before they are played. She is often asking me to go through the program by pointing at the computer and saying "ca ca" (clap, clap) as she loves the clapping section best, or singing "Do" in tune. I am quite amazed at her progress in such a short time and I am very excited to see how she will develop as time goes on.

    My three kids just love it. We have had such fun. We watch it at the table at the end of each most meals and we have a great time; the two eldest are always asking to put it on and cheer when I do. The youngest gets ready to clap when the clapping session comes on and she calls out the note sounds when it's solfège lesson time. I often right click the solfège lessons so that we can go over the notes as many times as seems appropriate which is nice to be able to do. They also love the long music appreciation piece at the end and all three love to dance to this several times over until I say it's enough.

    Little Musician has really added a lovely new dimension to our day and it really brightens up our day. I think it has become the most enjoyable part of our day which is so lovely and a real surprise.

    Well done BrillKids team, you've done it again: produced a program that is so versatile and really does what it says it should!


  • Viv
    Mom of Bella, Gambia

  • I don't have any musical background - I did teach my first child music following the Doman approach years ago, but when I tried doing the same with my second child, I found the task challenging because I didn't have the right tools and the time to refresh my memory and relearn . It was much easier with just one child, I had all evenings to prepare lessons and be ready for the morning; but with two young ones on board, I have no free evenings and my mornings start out with babies willing to learn but with an unprepared mama. And this is where BrillKids products come to the rescue!

    So far Little Musician is the only program I am able to optimistically use consistently because it doesn't require any preparation from me - all I need to do is run the lesson and my kids will have a wonderful music experience. It puts us all in the mood and motivates us to want to do more.

    I hear about parents waiting for their kids to get older to enroll them in music classes, and those classes cost a fortune. Sometimes teachers won't even take young kids, and by the time a child is ready for a class he has interests other than music. But with Little Musician, you'll find that it's a program that parents can use with their babies from infancy - no stress at all, just play a lesson and enjoy it with your little one. I don't know of any other product that will let you do that.

    I am happy that music is happening in our house again, so thank you so much BrillKids Team for such an amazing easy-to-use teaching tool!


  • Heidi
    Mom of Amelia and Luke, USA

  • My family loves Little Musician because it's fun and incredibly easy to use. We've also been thrilled with the immediate results. After just a week of using the prepared daily curriculum, my kids (3 and 6) are already beginning to recognize and sing different chords.

    Right from the first lesson they could hear the difference between do-mi-so and fa-la-do. When so-ti-re was introduced they could really hear the difference and recognize that chord, too.

    And I am learning so much with my kids - I don't have any background in solfège, so this is really great for me, too. I wouldn't have had any idea of how to come up with a curriculum myself, so I love that it is all done for me!

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